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Seven Varied Hikes in the Madonie Mountains close to Polizzi Generosa


Polizzi Generosa (above, viewed from Monte Scalone) is probably the best town for access to idyllic hiking trails in the Madonia mountains. These seven varied walks in the Madonia are all easily accessible from Polizzi, but five of them do require a car to reach the starting points, which are located on the SP119 road running north -- or from Piano Battaglia on the SP54. They range in length from 1.5 hours up to a possible full day, including the optional extensions. Walks 3, 4 and 5 offer easy access to much longer hikes. They are graded from 1 to 5 in difficulty and the height ascent/descent is also included. Almost all the walks are on viable and well-marked tracks and paths. I have tried to include a loop in most of the walks, for variety, but Walk 1 and 7 are simple out-and-back routes.
These walks can be completed using only these illustrated walk descriptions and small maps, but we also recommend the map Carta dei Sentieri e del Paesaggio, Cefalu-Madonie, 2008, available from the Tourist Office in the Town Hall, Via Garibaldi, in Polizzi. We would point out that it is rather outdated, and not all the paths marked there are still in use. These seven walk descriptions will be included in my forthcoming book on hiking and eating in the Madonia. NB: walks 4 to 7 are not recommended if heavy rain and/or thunderstorms are forecast.

Carl Gardner, Polizzi Generosa,
October 2015
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